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Steps That Everyone Can Take Everyday for a Better Earth

Change has to start with you. If you are really serious about your concern for the earth and the future generation, then it pays to do your job to save the environment from further damages. Sad to say, many people are still doing things every day that contribute to the damage. While many of them give a big frown once they see and hear about issues like garbage problems and animal abuse, but that usually ends there.

It is sensible to start the change with you. So here are 10 simple steps that you can practice every day that will truly help preserve the earth from further problem.

Be conscious and aware of your actions. The first thing to do is to become aware of some practices that you typically do in a day that is not helping towards living a sustainable life. For example, you can vow to start using shampoo bars since they are more economical and they are more earth-friendly. Another thing you could do is by making a conscious effort to cut back on your energy consumption. Buy solar lights for a start! Take some time to assess your life to know some lifestyle changes that you can do.

Stop buying bottled water. Not only are you spending extra money on bottled water but the plastic container is very damaging to the earth. You can remedy this by buying a water filtration pitcher at your home. Despite the initial investment, you will be able to save money in the long run. Plus, you can help the earth by eliminating the use of plastic bottles that would only add more trash to the landfills.

Try going paperless. Because of technology, you no longer need to be keeping paper records all the time. So you can ask your bank and credit card companies to send you paperless financial statements by opting for emails. Also, you can book online so you don’t have to be carrying tickets to movies or sporting events. You can also keep digital copies of your photos instead of printing them out.

Turn the lights off. Turn out the light when you are sleeping or during mornings. Studies show that people use lights too often even when they are not needed. Many actually forgets to turn off the light after they use the bathroom or when they leave the house. Not only will this result to bigger electric bill but will also increase energy consumption in your home, which again can damage the earth.

Drive less. So many people own a car without realizing that they can actually save on money and energy if they learn to drive together. Carbon dioxide emitted by vehicles is the major cause of global warming. You can help the environment by joining a car pool or taking the public commute. You can also try to go biking or walking, especially if your destination is near your place.

Invest on more plants! Each time you plant a tree or take care of a plant, you are helping clean the air. Adding plants to your home will also make it more attractive.

Wash full loads. Do you know that in United States, residents can help fill 7 million swimming pools with water that they can save by opting to wash less often? Most families would wash their clothes on schedule, regardless whether they have full load or not. Waiting to pile up the dirty clothes before they are washed can cut down water consumption and definitely make the Earth happier.